Investigating the Impact of Hidden Speed Check Radar on Road Accident in Oman

MALLAK HAMOOD GHABISH HAMOOD AL-RAWEEHI, FATIMA Said Mohammed Al Balushi, Afanan Mahmood Hamdoon Al Nabhani, Ganan Rajesh .D.


The road is the place that people use to move in their cars, but it is a double-edged sword, as it is one of the reasons that lead to the loss of lives. so, our research focuses on studying how the hidden speed camera impact on accidents either increases or decreases. The goal is to target a group of people who can drive through the questionnaire that they will answer, which contains several questions related to whether hidden cameras are the biggest cause of accidents or not. The aim of this research is to protect the general population and find out whether a hidden camera may be the cause of accidents or not, and to educate them on the importance of adhering to the speed limit and paying attention when driving, whether the radar is hidden or visible. Determine whether hidden speed cameras have a positive or negative impact on traffic accidents. Study the role of speed cameras in reducing speed. It is also to study the relationship between hidden cameras and reducing accidents and evaluate the safety and effectiveness of speed cameras. The importance of the research lies in educating people to reduce accidents that are caused by speeding and knowing if the speed camera that is hidden so that it can catch reckless drivers may cause accidents or not through the graphs that will show whether the hypothesis was developed, which is that if the hidden speed camera is a reason for deterring reckless drivers, then it may reduce accidents because it forces the drivers. It is possible that this study shows the truth that the hidden speed control camera has a significant impact, as it causes accidents because the camera light may suddenly turn on, causing the driver to deteriorate, resulting in an accident.


Hidden cameras; accidents; radar; speed-check ;

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