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Vol 12, No 1 2-Domination Polynomial of Tensor Product of Paths Abstract   PDF
Wasim Raja, Sanal Kumar
March 2014 A Nonparametric Approach to Pricing Options Learning Networks Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Can, Sadi Fadda
Vol 11, No 1 A 3 dB Microstrip Power Divider at 2.2 GHz with Floating Metals Abstract   PDF
Adnan Ahmetović, Hamza Avdić, Şehabeddin Taha İmeci, Gökberk Kemal Oğuz
March 2018 A Computational Biology Approach in Function Annotation to Enzymes Abstract   PDF
Maida Ljubijankic
Vol 12, No 1 A critical Analysis of ChatGPT's Potential and Pitfallss for Business Use Cases Abstract   PDF
Mowalim Jr. Pangato Kalim, Nedim Zukic, Erol Terovic, Ali Abd Almisreb, Sherzod Turaev
Vol 12, No 2 A Cryptographic Algorithm using Fuzzy Logic and Deck of Cards Abstract   PDF
Kala Raja Mohan, R. Narmada Dev, Nagadevi Bala Nagaram, Regan Murugresan, T. Bharathi
Vol 12, No 2 A cryptographic technique applying Laplace Transform and Exponetial Function Abstract   PDF
Mohib Rasool, Kala Raja Mohan
March 2020 A De Novo Clustering Method: Snowball for Assigning 16S Operational Taxonomic Units Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Can, Osman Gursoy
March 2012 A Fuzzy Model for A Multistage Supply Chain System Controlled By Kanban Abstract   PDF
Alp Kor
Vol 11, No 1 A High Frequency Dualband Microstrip Bandpass Filter Abstract   PDF
Amra Gušo, Şehabeddin Taha İmeci, Ahmet Fehim Uslu
March 2016 A Literature Survey on Association Rule Mining Algorithms Abstract   PDF
Pinar Yazgana, Ali Osman Kusakci
March 2017 A Literature Survey on Reverse Logistics of End of Life Vehicles Abstract   PDF
Emine Cin, Ali Osman Kusakcı
March 2017 A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for End of Life Vehicles Recycling Network Design Abstract   PDF
Sezin Balcia, Berk Ayvazb
March 2016 A Promising Similarity Based Secondary Structure Prediction Method Abstract   PDF
Faruk Berat Akcesme, Mehmet Can
September 2018 A Recurrent Neural Network Linear B-Epitope Predictor: BIRUNI Abstract   PDF
Azra Abidi
March 2019 A Review on Image Enhancement Techniques Abstract   PDF
Haris Ackar, Ali Abd Almisreb, Mohamed A. Saleh
September 2012 A Stochastic Programming Approach for Multi-Period Portfolio Optimization Abstract   PDF
Narela Bajram, Mehmet Can
September 2012 A Stochastic Programming Approach For Multi-Period Portfolio Optimization With Transaction Costs Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Can, Narela Bajram
March 2015 A study in Authorship Attribution: The Federalist Papers Abstract   PDF
Nesibe Merve Demir
March 2014 A Study on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina Abstract   PDF
Ramo Palalic
Vol 12, No 2 A study on fuzzy connectedness and fuzzy continuity in fuzyy topological spaces Abstract   PDF
S Sithsabesan, N Kalaivani
March 2019 A Survey On Security In Wireless Sensor Network Abstract   PDF
Faris Fazlic, Seyed Ali Hashemi, Ahmed Aletic, Ali Abd Almisreb, Syamimi Mohd Norzeli, Norashidah Md Din
Vol 13, No 1 (2024) A Survey-Based Examination of UTAS Students Perceptions Towards ChatGPT: Key findings and Analysis Abstract   PDF
Arwa K AlSariri, Dhiya AlSaqri, Sudha Senthilkumar, Asma AlBadi
March 2017 Accuracy of Identical Subsequences Based Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Abstract   PDF
Faruk Berat Akcesme, Muhamed Adilovic, Mehmet Can
Vol 12, No 2 An Overview of Linear Algebra in Image Processing Abstract   PDF
Suresh Rasappan, Pugalarasu Rajan
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